Lucideus Cyber Kidz

This course specially crafted for students to understand the cyber security world.

Course Description

The “Lucideus Cyber Kidz” is an interactive learning module to increase aware-ness of online safety and cybersecurity principles through edutainment. Luci-deus Cyber Kidz contains 12 chapters. It engages students with each other while learning cyber skills. This training program is designed to engage students in gaining knowledge of cyber security while working in digital world. With increased presence of Internet in the digital world this program help students understand the wide-spread importance of cyber security in their day to day lives and equip them with skills to help better protect themselves in the Cyberspace.

Our panel of skilled experts aim in bringing the best in cyber security training. Our courses are conducted by industry best practitioners who hold years of experience in cyber security. Our course material is regularly updated with the latest developments in cyber security. What makes our cyber security course your ideal choice is that we strongly emphasise on hands-on practice.

Course Content

  • Introduction to Computers
  • Basics of Networking Part-1
  • Basics of Networking Part-2
  • Basics of Web Technologies
  • Operating System Security
  • Protection from Malwares

  • Understanding Email Services Security
  • Secure Usage of Social Networking
  • Understanding Smartphones
  • Smart Usage of Smartphones
  • Security on Online Video Chat Services
  • Queries and Doubt Session

Batch Options

Lucideus Certified Ethical Hacker (LCEH), Ethical Hacking Course, Best Ethical Hacking Training

Weekday Classes

  • 6 Days a Week( Monday to Saturday) x 2 Hrs = 24 Hrs.
  • Duration: 2 weeks
  • 7:3 Practical Theory Ratio
  • Fee: INR 15,000 + Service Taxes

Why this Knowledge is Mandatory?

We are living in the era of technology. Technological intelligence through technical knowledge is integral part of Academic intelli-gence now. Kids love gaining knowledge in an intelligent way through modern technologies. They search their career and life through google, whatsapp , facebook and smartphone etc.

Technology has made life comfortable and interesting but along with this kids are exposed to new threats like cyber bullying, becoming a victim of cyber crime or unintentionally contribut-ing to a cyber crime. They use technologies without any proper training; it’s like driving a car without training, which will lead to an accident any moment.

LUCIDEUS has been successfully and effectively training professionals, Security personnel, corporate executives, career seeking graduates and undergraduate students for last four years and graded no. One training institute in this subject by various grading agencies.

LUCIDEUS now on demand have introduced this program to train young minds to understand the technology and stay cybersmart while using Internet. Kidz will get Cyber grooming with conventional academic grooming in their career. Tech based training for young mind is designed by our experts to make it a “learn with fun” training experience called edutainment.

  • Eligibility
  • Faculties
  • Batch Size
  • Consent of Parents/Guardians

Take Away


Participants with minimum 90% attendance and completion of a small project report will get “LUCIDEUS CYBER KID” certificate.


Each participant will get a toolkit containing tools used during the training, cyber security articles, videos and other support software


Each participant will get Lucideus Cyber Kid Information Security Cookbook containing tutorials of the contents of the training for revision.

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Why Lucideus?

Practical Training

Over 90% of the training is hands on practice sessions for providing first hand experience.

Small Batch Size

We believe that cyber security education has to be delivered in a personalised manner for maintaining efficiency hence we keep our batch sizes to a max of 16 students.

No More Trainers

We do not have any full time trainers, because the faculty who will be teaching you during the course will be someone from our enterprise customer services team.